Visual Effects

I have been making VFX effects using Unity particle system for two years. I'm also in the process of learning Unreal Cascade and Niagara. I'm familiar with lighting system in Unity. 
A portal effect for Merlin's Beard and effects for potion creating and puzzle solving.
Droping ingredients
Failed to create potions
Successfully generated potions
Releasing curse effect created for the final battle.
A series of cartoon effects for Caffeine High , a multiplayer game.
Dizzy cup
Frozen cup
cup gets hit
Get one full cup of coffee
Get coffee
Rainy effects for One Small Act , a interactive installation for Children's Museum.
Knocking down the tree leaves.
Some other random effects:

Unity Healing Circle

Unity Water Effect

Unreal Explosion
Unreal Campfire
Unreal Laser Effect
Blood Splash
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