Animation is the one I enjoy the best in game art creation process. I make 3D animations in Maya, bring them into unity and make timelines from them. I also make 2D sprite sheet animations in Photoshop.
Robot walking animation is one of the earliest character animation piece I've made. This robot was designed, molded, textured, rigged, animated and rendered in Maya.
Slow walk
Little vampire character and the animations.
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
I made several walking and idling animations for low poly flower models in a fast prototype game Bee That Flower.
Character Mocap animations.
I also did several sets of 3D animal/creature animations: 
Panda idling
Squirrel Appearing
Planting Seeds
Growing trees
UI Animations
plARt is a AR game. I made low-poly animals and environments in two weeks. 
A crystal dragon and its animations.
In One Small Act installation, I made the bunny character, the squirrel character and several sets of animations in Maya. After imported them into Unity, I made animations sequence from these animations. 
Besides 3D animations I've also used Photoshop to make 2D sprite animations:
A 2D character I made for Purgatory, puzzle game. Unity 2D rigging.
Color variations
A 2D pixel character for the co-op project Intelligent Tutor System. It will be used to develop future Drexel AIR Lab desktop tutor system.
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