Merlin's Beard

Merlin's Beard is an interactive space using the 3-wall cave as the platform. 
In Merlin's Beard, guests can interactive with both physical props/actors and digital contents that are projection mapped on the walls using HTC VIVE controllers. We lead the guest experience a story about finding a missing potion professor and his hidden secrets in 20 mins. I worked as the puzzle designer, VFX artist and the actress in a group of five in a two weeks developing process.
Searching professor's noteboook
Transmit portal
Invisible ink
The character I acted is a leading character to guide the guest through the experience. I designed several sets of physical and digital puzzles to fully fill up the story. To make digital puzzles more convincing, I made several magical particle effects and animations in Unity.  
Generating potion
Drop ingredient
Puzzle solvng
Play through video:

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