Caffeine High

VFX Artist | Animator | Designer

It's a multiplayer game using the Jam-O-Drum as the platform.
Cups are competing to each other and the cup get most of coffee wins the opportunity to serve their master Mr. Sleepy Head. This is a two rounds game and the person with the highest cumulative score wins. There are several npc characters in this game. The coffee pot is where you can get coffee from, The cream will form a shield around you and protect you from one attack , the sugar will explode and freeze all other cups in a short period of time and the molded cup will make you dizzy and reverse your control. 
We did a lot of play-tests in two weeks and figured out the most balanced way of doing this is give them a second round, so the game is not about the one who learned fast won.  To make the cups vivid and the game go smooth, I created animations and effects in Unity. For the guests to better understand the game mechanics I also design the tutorial.  

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