Shadow Of A Doubt

Project Manager | Lead Programmer

Shadow of a doubt is a 100mins 2D mobile narrative game adapted from <In a Grove>. In the game, you play as a detective who is involved in a murder mystery. You can search for clues, solve puzzles and quests, and talk to witnesses and suspects. 
During the 30 weeks development process, four sound designers from music department helped us create the fancy background music for each scene and sound effects for each move. We picked shadow puppets as the reference to create our unique art style.   
How to play
Dialogue box
Clue box
As a storytelling game, the narrative is the most important part of this game. In the original book, all the details were listed by the testimonies of each characters. We had to transfer them into first person perspective dialogue and it's not easy. It turned out great, especially after we had two writers from film department in the 12th week. They also helped us add two more original characters to fully fill up the game play experience. 
While we were developing our own game, maintaining the central idea from the book was also important. In the book, the author talked about the relationship between objective and subjective truth, in a way what your eyes see is not necessarily the truth. He showed this idea by all the contradictory testimonies. The way we addressed that is building a invisible credit system to record what players believe and in the aftermath sequence give them a thoughtful result.

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